PLAINTIFF S SMALL CLAIMS PACKET INSTRUCTIONS PLACER COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Office hours Monday through Friday 8 00AM to 3 00PM Small Claims Filing Fees Filing Claim for 1500. If you are mailing the documents in to the court for processing you must provide one additional self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your claim. Checks are made payable to Placer County Superior Court. 00 or less Claim by natural persons only-non business Filing Claim by person who has filed more than 12 small...
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I attorney steve Vadra in here with you this is my top ten tips on how to better your chances to win your small claims case okay and small claims in California anyway where I practice law California and Arizona a small claims case can actually be a really big case I mean up to ten thousand dollars so you definitely want to make sure you're ready to win and that you're doing the things that you need to do to prepare to go in there and take charge take care of business okay so I've come up with my top ten list to basically help improve your chances of winning okay number one is to prepare your case in great detail what does that mean that means you want to make sure if you're the plaintiff that you're doing everything possible to win your case you're researching the facts the law you're getting documentation you're interviewing witnesses you're getting statements you're getting witnesses to come in with you basically on turning every rock taking it very very serious and putting some time into it so that you know your case cold when you walk into court and you're ready to show the judge what happened and why you're entitled to damages you know as a plaintiff in a small claims case you're responsible for proving your case by a preponderance of the evidence preponderance of the evidence means it's more likely than not that you've been wronged and you've been injured so you're going it's your job as the plaintiff to make that case if you're the defendant it's your job to raise those defenses and tell the judge why it's not true poke holes in their story and raise your defenses and point out the law why the law isn't why this person thinks it is sometimes people come in with injury but the law allows you to do whatever it was you were doing so tip number one prepare your case know it cold have your documentation be ready to go in there and seriously impress the judge okay that's tip number one I realize if you don't answer your if you get follow the small things lawsuit gets filed against you when you don't answer then the court can enter a default judgment against you so make sure you're preparing your case doing what you need to do to get ready number two dress nicely and professionally don't go in there to weather baseball hat on on backwards and you know you know I'll party until two o'clock the night before and coming in with your hair up to the ceiling and you know sleep in your eyes and stuff you have to take this serious this is your day in court this is your chance to prove your case and make your points okay so but what you want to do is dress professionally what I would recommend is not if not necessarily what I'm wearing today for my video but to wear a nice button-down shirt or a nice blouse if you're a woman you know some some don't over door with jewelry or gaudy things think things are going to draw attention to you don't wear a crazy t-shirt that says you know you know life sucks or something you know think about it dress nice dress...